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Vincent Boedt – Vincentb

hrmeetup.© podcast #467 – Vincent Boedt is a commercialist “pur sang”. Since his first (professional) steps, Vincent Boedt has mastered the power of conviction like no other. He combines an academic background with practical...

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Dot Zacharias – Co-founder of Sleepability

At our micro Dot Zacharias,  Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, Yoga Nidra Teacher and above all Co-founder of Sleepability. Dot Zacharias is here to explain her personal and professional transformation. She evolved from someone who...

HR Run 0

HR Run Event – Charlotte François

Charlotte François introduces the « HR Run » : run, fun, walking dinner and networking, all for HR’s! In front of the mic, Charlotte François, Sales executive for Map Relocations, answering our questions concerning...

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Diana Croitoru – Stepping Up HR

Diana Croitoru: Partnering to bring you to the next level! At my micro Diana Croitoru, an Hr professional with expertise in transformation, who gives us an insight in her journey starting from her child’s...

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Jana Gal – Find Your Vocation

Jana Gal, career counselor of “Find Your Vocation” is at our mic to explain her vocation. Jana Gal : Her vocation is to find yours… Because you don’t find your vocation in a golden...

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Kowo and carpooling – Jens Massaert

Kowo, Car Pooling without inconveniences and tax deductible: tempted? In this podcasts Jens Massaert will introduce Kowo ! We begin with our favorite question in order for Jens to present himself : “As a...