Dot Zacharias – Co-founder of Sleepability

Dot Zacharias

At our micro Dot Zacharias,  Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, Yoga Nidra Teacher and above all Co-founder of Sleepability.

Dot Zacharias is here to explain her personal and professional transformation. She evolved from someone who lay awake at night and dragged her feet to work every day, barely getting through the afternoon,to someone taking care of her sleep.

She realized how much sleep impacts her daily professional and private life. She made it her mission to work with other people to help them improve their sleep and feel a dramatic change in their life. And that is how Sleepability came to life.

Dot met Dr. Neil Stanley and invited him to partner with Sleepability, bringing together sleep science and sleep coaching.

Dr. Neil Stanley contributes his deep knowledge of sleep scientific research and practical approach to sleeping well to the team. On her website we can read how they work.

Hereunder some extra information as mentionned on her website :

Sleepability is a team of sleep coaches and sleep experts, creating a fresh approach to helping people take positive actions to sleep well again. They select the best of what works and deliver it to their clients in a number of ways, because they know that different people have different ways of learning: online and offline; one-to-one and in groups.

We have arrived at a time in human history where sleep, a biological imperative, is under threat.

The market is flooded with new information and knowledge about sleep, thanks to incredible breakthroughs over the last decades. Dot Zacharias, Integrative Adult Sleep Coach and  founder of Sleepability, observed through her own experience that there was a need to make the pathway to better sleep more actionable and achievable, without over simplifying the subject, for people who want to do something about their constant fatigue.

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