About us

The Podcast Factory Org is a non-profit organisation that aims to share human stories and the enrichment of culture and humanity. By using a very accessible technology, podcasts, we aim to be present in every living room, to give you a moment of inspiration.

We have been present in the world of podcasts, before it was even a thing. Since 2009 we have our own podcasts and we’ve built up the experience to launch and/or help you on your podcast journey. Our complete history is available for you to read further down.

At The Podcast Factory Org, we give extra support to green initiatives, make sure to have a look at our services to see what we have to offer.

Our History

Le Podcast HighTech (2009)

It all started in 2009 with the Podcast “Le Podcast Hightech”. Michel Godart and David Van den Broeck met each other during this project. Around november – december 2011 it became clear that this podcast, al about innovation and technology, had reached its limits. With a audience of about 30.000 unique visitors a month, we had reached our maximum. Our passion, our ambition was much broader and after a siesta of about 6 months, a new project was born: HR Voices & Visions. 

HRMeetup (2011)

In HR Voices & Visions we talk about professions, but also students and people active in the world of HR passed by our mic. This projects lets us go very broad, from train conductor to police inspector. From tv host to HR director. The idea about “The Podcast Factory” was born, a non-profit organisation where all different Podcast projects could be united. We get inspiration by letting passionate people sharing their story, not from a company view to get some quick bucks, but from a human aspect. This is what makes us unique, from human to human. 
The joyful little green men spread around the internet and that’s how we got into contact with HRMeetup. They assembled people from the world of HR in Cook & Book, to challenge different topics in a playful way. What started out with a cooperation, soon became a fusion from both parties. The name HR Voices & Visions disappeared, HRMeetup stays. 

Project Daybreak (2012)

Besides people from HR and different jobs, we also met a lot of passionate musicians, directors, actors, etc … that also had a story to tell. And afther the film “Morning Glory” the idea just became more real, up to the moment, around 5th of april 2012, “Project Daybreak” was born with Panthera as co-founder. A platform for upcoming talents, in a world of music, film, theater, comedy and so much more. The audience grew and shortly we were able to make name on different festivals and events. We were present as press at the first edition of “Bringing down the madness” with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in the Sportpaleis of Antwerp. Also in The Netherlands, during ADE in Amsterdam, we were invited as press on Armada Night, in the Heineken Music Hall. A meeting with Armin van Buuren made this experience unique. 
We had a lot of interviews so far, but a lot more to come. Our website on the other hand, had a more difficult evolution… After the migration of the servers of our hosting, around 2016, we weren’t able to get it back online again. Numerous support tickets later, we had given up hope and we went into preperation of What’s Your Story. As a result we decided to not make a seperate website anymore for Project Daybreak, but to integrate it in the website of What’s your Story, under the category “Art & Entertainment”. 

Midoricast (2016)

Midoricast was created to think about the future of our planet. We don’t occupy the world, we share it with our loved ones. We want to be able to leave a better environment for our children. Midoricast talks green, breaths green. We put the environment where it belongs: In the picture! We give suggestions on how we all could participate in reducing our footprint. Projects from the heart, for the love of our planet. 

What’s your Story (2017)

You can find all of our interviews on divers podcasting platforms, such as Spotify, Itunes, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, etc … What’s your Story goes the extra mile. We realize that listening to our interviews can take some time (about 20min avg per interview), and for who hasn’t got the time to listen to them all, we offer you the solution. Our content website. You can read the core points of our interviews. Besides that, we take advantage of the opportunity, to address a new number of categories:

Art & Entertainment

Here you will find all interviews about music, film, dance, theater, comedy, photography and such. A collection of creative people, in the world of art and entertainment. Here you will also find our older interviews made under the name “Project Daybreak”. 

Health & Lifestyle

Every year we have our Newyear’s Resolutions, getting us ready for summer. Or do we? We collect healthy ideas, fashion tips, everything that’s got something to do with Health & Lifestyle. Because admit it, who doesn’t sneak around the latest diet trends.

Innovation & Technology

Back again, innovation and technology. In a world where the technology evolves so quicky, we got to stay on point on everything launched in the market. Our passion for innovation has always been there, but stay tuned for the latest scoops on technology. Google, here we come!

Mobility & Travel

Travelling blogs, mobility of the future, fun activities for the weekend. We all get confronted, even hit with them nowadays, so we’ll be searching the cool stuff in your place and share them. Ready to go on an adventure? 

Environment & Charity

 If we want our children to roam the world, it’s about time we think of the environment. We don’t live together with our planet, we use it for our personal gain. Global warming isn’t a fairy tale, it’s happening now. We show how each one of us can contribute. Here you will find all interviews for Midoricast. Next to that we would like to give beautiful initiatives for charity a place to present themselves. Who walks around daily in big cities, can’t look away anymore. Where is our world going to end, if we don’t love our neighbours? 

Work & Education

Have you ever wondered what an IT’er is doing at the police station? Or how the life of a TV Host looks like? What are the criterias to be hired in a company? What do you have to keep in mind as a company, to brand yourself? What scolars to follow for the jobs of the future? That and so much more, you can find out from passionate people, sharing their life experience on our mic. Here you will find all interviews for HRMeetup. 

Have a lot of reading, watching and listening pleasure!