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Ruth Friedman

Ruth Friedman: Learning to take better care of your own well-being.

In today’s podcast we have Ruth Friedman, Focusing trainer, explaining us all about how to take better care of your own wellbeing. How to be more present and available with the people you care most about.

At the end of this podcast (at 19’26) you will find our HR questions!

She gives us a clear view on how the Focusing method, Self compassion and realizing that you are bigger and stronger then your Inner Critic.

If you to want to bring more wholeness into everyday life then you should listen to this podcast.

  • Website

    From her Website the message is very clear : ” Do you give yourself a hard time, when things don’t go to plan ? Do you want to find ways to take better care of yourself and to have more self-compassion ? Do you want to better handle challenging relationships at work and in your personal life ?… If you answer YES to any of these questions; then you have come to the right place !”

    Visit the website, Ruth share some tips that can help get your system  back in to regulation ! You will find also several testimonial from her customers.

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