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Follow your Bliss

Follow your Bliss – We have already received a lot of coaches at our microphone, each with its specificities, but what differentiates Christine Fisette in particular is her in-depth approach. Above all, she helps her clients reconnect with what makes them profoundly happy professionally.

Certified coach in company, with a great international experience, she has all the cards to help you effectively; certainly if you are a 40-50 year old executive who has a great sensitivity, facing a new and important challenge. Or if you are a human resources manager or a rather humanist and visionary manager.

For me, by doing this interview, it is other things that have marked me: first of all the passion that is the guiding thread of his approach “Follow your Bliss” and…the first reason that prompted me to invite Christine to my microphone! Then it’s his personal life story (we had the opportunity to exchange without a microphone) and his search for meaning.

Christine will reveal to us at the microphone some clues about her life course but especially what path she has travelled since her teenage dream to date, to finally continue this history, this path through a sharing with our listeners: a sharing of trust, of conscience and benevolence.

You will be the hero of your own life and you should have no regrets in taking the path that Christine offers you.

How to summarize such an interview, except by mentioning that Christine is probably the first one that will be connected to your sensitivity and expectations. His greatest asset is certainly his empathy.

By the way, the Holdup team thanks her again for hosting one of our events on 11 October 2017 on the theme: “How can I recharge my batteries and be happier et work?”

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