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Jack Connor

Our new colleague Jack Connor was also present during the event “Claim The Climate”, he performed interviews for us! Midoricast : Podcast #114.

Our new colleague Jack Connor was also present during the event Claim The Climate, he performed interviews for us. With his professionalism and personal approach he decided to collate his testimonials together…and it was a very good idea because in this podcast, you will not only hear the participants, but you will have the feeling of being present with us!

And you? Have you been to this event? We hope there will be more events like this to mobilize a max of people. It is a very good signal to the Belgian, European governement as well as to the whole world about the change people want concerning our planet nature and the climate.

It is urgent people realise that actions are needed, not only in their own country but all over the world, and this all at the same time. Only this way we can have a real impact on our climate.

Note: the website of Claim The Climate doesn’t seems to be migrated in “https” but if you select “advance settings”, you can decide to go further following this url. (Your own responsability)

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