Author: Michel Godart

Vincent Boedt 0

Vincent Boedt – Vincentb

hrmeetup.© podcast #467 – Vincent Boedt is a commercialist “pur sang”. Since his first (professional) steps, Vincent Boedt has mastered the power of conviction like no other. He combines an academic background with practical...

Julie De Blick 0

Julie De Blick – Le Plaza Brussels

Julie De Blick: “Sales Executive” at Hotel Le Plaza Brussels. Julie De Blick is “Sales Executive” at Hotel Le Plaza Brussels, she is passionate by her job and so she accepted to explain us...

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Anita Sheehan – Feedback hrmeetup event

A feedback with Anita Sheehan: We have already proposed some interviews where our guests explained why they joined us. Now, its Anita Sheehan who gives her feedback about the evening afterwards, main subject: Talents...