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Nadja EL Fertasi

Nadja EL Fertasi : Emotional intelligence at your service. Podcast #451.

Given the confinement, this is a remote interview with Nadja EL Fertasi that we are offering as part of the hrmeetup project. ©

After a career of 18 years at NATO (the largest crisis management organization in the world), a not always calm, steady life course, Nadja decides at one point to reorient herself, to change her life and profession and return to what makes sense for her: human and solidarity.

Helping others, feeling that we can have a positive impact, for all men and women that come across our life paths.

Why ? Listen to this podcast.

When you have a journey like yours, when resilience is embedded in its DNA deep down, you are not afraid to leave the luxury and comfort offered by a high-level function at NATO.

Nadja knew she was taking a risk … but a calculated risk because she prepared for it. In this podcast, you will discover a person, a journey and you will listen to emotions that slip between words. As always, our guests are, above all, true enthusiasts, passionate about their profession and people.

Nadja El Fertasi therefore founded “Thrive with EQ” whose mission is to help employees overcome crises by maximizing their emotional intelligence.

Its clients are multinational organizations or organizations that operate in an international environment.

Clients such as the European Commission and the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Paris.

Nadja also offers a whole range of webinars and support, coaching to help you succeed with confidence.

It was in the transforma bxl coworking space in Evere that I met the smile that never leaves Nadja and before offering her this interview I had the opportunity to observe her with her clients… Thanks to this i saw her passion live and I really wanted to share this with you, dear listeners.

Also note that Nadja is interested in podcast format and will be able to count on our ASBL The Podcast Factory Org to start her project. As a member of transforma bxl, she can indeed benefit free of charge our studio , podcast material and our advice. Stay tuned as this new podcast project will be coming soon…

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