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Anita Sheehan

A feedback with Anita Sheehan:

We have already proposed some interviews where our guests explained why they joined us. Now, its Anita Sheehan who gives her feedback about the evening afterwards, main subject: Talents and Diplomas.

We hope that this interview will motivate a lot of HR professional to join our community for next events.

But who is Anita Sheehan ? Here below, her Linkedin presentation :

“Connecting women (and men) to their authentic selves and their unique purpose to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life, both at work and at home.
Using Self-worth and other appreciative approaches to discover who we really are, embrace ourselves unconditionally and build a meaningful life on this new data.
Results? A happier, freer you. Learning to set healthy boundaries at work and at home. Living up to your full potential and joyfully so.

On a collective level: Passionate about putting the human first in organizations, helping the individual and the organization as a whole to flourish.

My mission therefore is to lean in and really listen to what is alive in organizations. It is crucial to help people and organisations become aware of their own strengths, talents and passions and to leverage these to live the life they really want and to help organisations flourish. Using a variety of appreciative and collaborative approaches, I have been helping teams and individuals to stimulate conversations and develop techniques that lead to greater cohesion, alignment on a common vision, and the strategies to achieve their common goals. “

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