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Skip Bolden expresses his passion through Storytelling. He takes us on a world of imagination, through his films. He’s quite the handyman in the movie industry and is able to take on different roles. Who ever thought that men can’t do different things at the same time, prepare to be proven wrong. 

David: We’d like to start things of with the question, who is Skip Bolden? 

Skip: Basically, I’m a creative expressing my passion through storytelling. 

David: How did you get inspired by film? 

Skip: Growing up as an only child, I often sought entertainment in watching old movies on t.v. When I was old enough, I would go to the movies with my friends and often go alone to see the new movies on the day they were released. I love cinema!

David: Do you still remember the very first film you ever bought with your own pocket money? Do you still have it? 

Skip: I was very much a working adult by the time I started buying movies. I clearly remember that one of the first I bought was a box set of five James Bond movies. They were o VHS so no, I no longer have them. 

David: Your IMDB profile clearly shows an eager person, capable of doing almost every job in the filming industry. With all your different experiences, what is your preferred role in a film? Director, editor, producer, actor …

Skip: Yes, I have worn several different hats when it comes to film production and have learned a great deal with still much more to learn. My preferred role is as a documentary filmmaker which expresses the visual storyteller in me and allows me to direct, edit and produce and also write the project. I also love the spontaneity of capturing the moment which can be surprising at times. 

David: What is your favorite top 3 movies of all time? 

Skip: I love so many movies for a multitude of reasons but 3 of my top favorites are:  

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho 
  • Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill
  • and believe it not Morton DaCosta’s Auntie Mame 

David: Who do you look up to? 

Skip: Without a doubt, the one person who inspired me the most is the late Anthony Bourdain. His television series, No Reservations, lead me to become a story teller as a video journalist. I watched many episodes a multitude of times paying very close attention to various aspects of production. 

David: If you could chose any actor and actress to star into your next film, who would you like to participate? 

Skip: Viola Davis , Meryl Streep, Colin Farrell not necessarily in the same film though that would be interesting to see. 

David: If you would have unlimited means, budget and time to make your next film, what would it be about?

Skip: With unlimited financial means, I would love to make a film based on the characters and story of one of my top favorite movies. It would’t be a remake but rather a re-interpretation of the original movie which shall go nameless for now but it would be story of deception, betrayal and redemption. 

David: With technology advancing at the rate it’s going now, what would be the film of the future? 

Skip: I haven’t clue but I am eager to discover what it is. 

David: A couple of years ago, people were saying that the age of books is over. With Augmented Reality, 3D, 4D, etc.. is the world of cinema almost over as we know it? 

Skip: Certainly not. if anything it will evolve. I believe storytelling is part of the human experience and will evolve as technology progresses. 

David: What are you working on right now? Could you tell us a bit more about it? 

Skip: I have a couple of projects in the early stages of development but not at liberty to speak about them at this time. 

David: If people would like to see your work, how would we be able to see it? 

Skip: Some of my projects can be seen on Vimeo.

David: What would you like people to remember you by, after they’ve seen your work? 

Skip: I would like people to know me as a great storyteller. 

David: What’s the most uncomfortable question you’ve been asked by a stranger? 

Skip: I don’t recall anyone ever asking me an uncomfortable question but when a stranger or someone I don’t know very well asks me if they could ask a personal question, I politely say no. It’s the person who is asking that is usually uncomfortable at that point. 

David: If you could meet yourself at the age of 12-14, what would you say? 

Skip: I would tell myself to stay focused and keep going no matter what and be kind to others in the process. 

David: What’s the last movie you watched? 

Skip: The last movie I saw was a documentary, Hunt For The Skinwalker (2018).

David: What’s the top 3 of your bucket list? 

Skip: One major goals in life is to set foot on the other six continents so it would to visit;

  1. Africa 
  2. South America 
  3. Antarctica 

David: If the whole world was listening right now, what would you say?

Skip: That would be for everyone to be kind and patient with one another and to share their stories with each other. 

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