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Hans Donckers

Hans Donckers : Beanmachine – connected, aligned and responsive!

Vandaag hebben wij Hans Donckers aan onze micro die ons alles komt vertellen over het ontstaan en functioneren van Beanmachine.

Ze zorgen samen met jou voor het optimaliseren van je business. Leer meer over de partner om connected, alligned and responsive als firma te zijn.

Aan het einde van deze podcast (22’11) vinden jullie onze HR vragen!

Lees en vind meer details op hun website :
How do you describe a consultancy firm that doesn’t fit the mold? We could of course try and scrap the word ‘consultant’ in all our communication. Then again, why should we, as we simply are business consultants. Besides, it’s not about our fame and glory, it’s about what we can do for you and your business.

What else do we do and how does that set us apart ? To begin with, we don’t proclaim big, expensive truths. Okay, we use a few typical buzz words, but that’s mainly for Google search results. However, there are 3 words we always come back to. For us, the Holy Grail : Connected, Aligned, Responsive.

Connected :
The intention is to get everyone on the same page. So the structure on the floor reflects the corporate culture; and this while keeping connection with people, both internally and externally.
People are not machines. They are emotional beings with individual thoughts, ambitions and reservations. Humans are also creatures of habit, and are usually suspicious and resistant to change.
How to get people onboard going toward a new horizon? That’s another thing we can help with. We have tried-and-true methods, and no need for the whip.

Aligned :
We are trying to help companies find alignment with their strategies. Corporate strategies aren’t always grafted directly onto the work floor. The corporate culture must match structure and procedure, and vice versa. You can see this break down when, for example, the head office calls for innovation but the structure is not integrated, the result is… nothing changes.
In a case like this, we investigate how these two aspects can blend; or how we can modify one so it becomes workable, without losing sight of the objectives.

Responsive :
You may have all the aspects developed and functioning well– company strategy, culture, structure and your people– and yet we live in a continually evolving world. That makes life less boring for sure, but is not an easy environment for business. Things happen around you that can have a major effect on your company’s situation.
The question is, how can you respond to necessary changes in a smart, constructive and efficient manner, without starting a game of panic football, or losing sight of the long-term?
We have the right sort of radar to help detect the necessary changes. We guide and direct restructuring where needed. You will notice that previously unforeseen circumstances can often be very eye-opening.

Al onze hrmeetup podcast.


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