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Merve Gunaydin

Merve Gunaydin : eTRS, an HR tool to serve the staff retention and more again…

In this podcast, Merve Gunaydin, SAP Logistics & BI Consultant at Winch Consulting, presents us the different solutions proposed by Winch Consulting to support companies in their efforts to be transparant with their employees regarding their salary packages.

What are the costs supported by the employer, what is the salary evolution … Traceability and transparency to the service of staff retention, this subject is presented by Merve, that we thank for sharing.

From their website :

“WINCH Consulting is specialized in the study and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions and tools.

Thanks to its expertise in BI tools (SAP, BO and BW), HR source systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, HR Access), SuPM and HR Issues, WINCH Consulting is
ackowledged as the best specialist in Business Intelligence for Human Resources (BIHR) and Sustainability Performance Management.

Our philosophy develops team spirit and adaptation. It enables WINCH Consulting to gain new projects and to build long term alliances.

Spécialisations : Business Intelligence, HR Analytics, SAP PeopleSoft, HCM, HR planning, HR simulation, HR budgeting, BW IP BO QLIKVIEW, HR Marketing et HR COMMUNICATION

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