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Hey Liz, first of all, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. 

1. To get things going, who is the woman behind The Naked Advice, in other words, who is Liz Lapoint? 

I’m a writer, model, artist, wife, mom, voracious reader of nonfiction, lover of movies, and knowledge-seeker. Trying to narrow myself down within a few sentences is tough!

2. Where did you pick up the interest in psychology, and more specific, relationship advice? 

When I was a teenager I realized I am fascinated with the human mind. We are the most complicated animals, and we are still very mysterious. In college I focused my studies on the social sciences and read a lot of books in my free time about forensic psychology, human sexuality, and relationships.

3. What made you start the blog “The Naked Advice”? 

My husband, Terry, suggested I start a blog because I would share with him my dating stories and the wisdom I’d gained, and he told me I “should share them with the world”. He thought I’d be great at giving advice, thus The Naked Advice blog was born and then a month later I started my YouTube channel!

4. Your blog discusses openly different fetishes your fans have. Have you ever encountered a fetish you had no clue about? What was it, and what was your advice? 

Yes, before a fan had emailed me about financial domination fetishes I had never heard of them! Which was surprising to me because I considered myself pretty well-read on the topic of sexual fetishes. I don’t recall what his question was, maybe to simply cover the topic on an episode of my show? Because I made an episode on financial domination fetishes shortly after receiving his email.

copyright Terry Osterhout

5. Looking back on the different advices you gave, is there anything where time changed your opinion? 

There are no letters I can think of in which if I received them now, my advice would be different. So far, no one has written me to complain about my advice not working!

6. Did people come for relationship advice, before the internet? Do you notice a difference in questions now people can ask all kinds of things anonymously, with the safety of the internet? 

I was voted “Best Listener” at work by my coworkers many years ago, and my friends used to say they looked up to me for guidance in their dating lives. My best friends and my boyfriends were usually pretty open and honest about their concerns about their intimate lives, but of course the internet provides a whole new level of feeling safe enough to be open about your deepest thoughts and sexual desires!

7. Do you also give couples advice in person, do you have your own practice? 

I do not have a private practice or see couples in real life. I don’t provide long-term therapy, I provide educated, non-judgmental advice to letter-writers.

8. Have you ever considered writing a book about your experiences and different questions you’ve got so far? 

I am writing a memoir right now, actually. I am considering splitting it into 2 books, one that focuses on my life before The Naked Advice and one that focuses on The Naked Advice.

9. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever heared from a fan? 

The strangest thing I’ve ever heard from a fan is really difficult to narrow down! I would have to say one of the most interesting was the letter from the man who had a toilet fetish. He wanted to pay me to meet him in a hotel room and use his toilet and then leave. I’m sure it will shock no one to learn I did not do it. Besides concerns for my safety, The Naked Advice isn’t a fetish service.

copyright Terry Osterhout

10. Besides The Naked Advice, you also have a page on OnlyFans. What can fans expect on that page, when they subscribe to it? 

My Only Fans page features the modeling I’ve done for my photographer and filmmaker husband. We create conceptual artistic photo sets together. A lot of the images feature nudity, but it isn’t a porn site. Along with access to hundreds of images of me, I am available to my Only Fans subscribers for messaging if they want advice and a more personal connection.

11.What would be your dream couple to give advice? Optional: What would be your advice for Melania Trump?

I can’t think of a “dream couple” I want to give advice to. Melania Trump knew who she was marrying; she’s getting exactly what she signed up for. I don’t know why some people see her as a victim. She knew she was marrying a narcissistic man; she cared more about being wealthy. 

12.Besides writing for the blog, you also pose as a model for your husband. Do you prefer studio work or the outdoors? What’s your favorite photo, taken by your husband?

My husband and I have been a creative team for 8 years now, there are way too many photos for me to choose just 1 favorite! When I met him, I told him I was “very unphotogenic”. I very rarely liked myself in pictures. He laughed when I said that! I prefer studio work because you can control the lighting better and don’t have to deal with weather changes and insects and other people.

13.Name something you’re bad at, but love to do. 

I can’t think of something I’m bad at but love to do! If I’m bad at something, I don’t enjoy it. For example, I’m bad at exercising and learning different languages, and that’s partly because I don’t enjoy them. I would enjoy being fluent in other languages, it’s the learning process I dislike. Unless you can practice the language constantly, it’s extremely difficult to remember. And I only enjoy exercise when it’s a by-product of doing a fun activity, like bike-riding or tennis.

14.What’s the one thing you can’t live without? 

Besides the people I love most in my life, like my son and husband, if I had to narrow it down to 1 “thing” I can’t live without it would be books. I’ve always loved to read. I’m always reading a couple of books at a time. Right now, I’m reading “Mindwise” by Nicholas Epley and I just finished reading “Troublemaker” by Leah Remini.

15.Who had the biggest influence on you, in life? 

My husband has been my biggest cheerleader and source of inspiration. He was the first person to believe in me and encourage me to see my goals come to life.

copyright Terry Osterhout

16.What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? 

“It’s raining! Yay!” It’s been pretty dry and hot lately so waking up to rain was comforting.

17.If there are people out there with questions to ask about their relationship, their sex life or just life, and are still hesitant to ask, how would you convince them to ask your advice? 

I would let them know they can write my blog anonymously, and to read my past advice so they can determine for themselves if I could help them!

18.If the whole world was listening right now, what would you say? 

I would say to the whole world “Put what is real, other humans and animals, before what is ‘possible’ but unlikely, religious beliefs and gods/goddesses. Acting against our fellow humans on ideas that cannot be verified or proven is the definition of insanity. Love, acceptance, and community should connect us, but mythology divides us. Put what is KNOWN before what is UNKNOWN and we will finally see more peace in the world.”

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