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Kowo, as a green alternative… Midoricast : Podcast #021.

Now here is how our meeting with Jens Massaert started, he came to our Mic to present an innovative and very useful application for companies. We easily matched this to our Hrmeetup project. The name of the application ? Kowo !

An application that will solve recurrent problems of mobility, well being at work, that proposes tax advantages and has a positive impact on the CSR approach of companies…

And we had a surprise,… this application will have an important impact to the environment and helps reducing pollution!

We say and repeat it since the beginning of our Midoricast initiative, we are not perfect, but is that why we should not do anything? Our idea is introducing citizen initiatives to you, but also companies that choose to take action on behalf of the environment or at least take this factor into consideration!

Kowo is so much more than that, Kowo will motivate companies and employees to reduce their carbon footprint! How? By stimulating car-pooling…

Of course the ideal would be to take public transport or go by bike, but is it still realistic with regard to every citizen and his profession, his home? The regular strikes in Belgium? Kowo will bring one of the best alternatives when cycling or public transport are no longer possible…

And it deserves to be shared with you!

OK, some like it, some hate it, and some are disappointed about it… do not think that carpooling is a definitive choice – this interview will reorganize your idea on it. Pay attention on the new map presented!

Brussels, for example, generates well-known issues and very real concerns about mobility for travelers and companies… an impact we must not ignore. Some companies are even considering leaving our capital for greener locations… public transport having their particular Belgium aspects (delays, strikes, etc.); some politics aims to limit car traffic in the capital; and soon … what will happen to the parking spots? Another big surprise that will alarm your ‘coyote’…we let Jens inform you on this podcast the joyful news.

If there is a podcast that concerns you all, then for sure, it is this interview! Enjoy!

The content of this podcast :

  • 00’00 Introduction and who is Jens Massaert?
  • 02’00 What is in the name ?
  • 02’10 Why: Mobility problems identified.
  • 02’30 Stress for employees & efficiency
  • 02’49 Fleet management and company cars
  • 03’00 The ecological footprint
  • 03’23 Reinventing car-pooling (organisation, flexibility & independence, list the volunteers)
  • 04’35 How does this Mobile application works ?
  • 05’52 Working in collaboration with AXA
  • 07’32 How is it working for companies ?
  • 09’03 A green alternative & CSR
  • 10’04 Website & Facebook
  • 10’15 Some tips for our listeners

Possible actions for the listener:

  • Reduce your footprint in general but start with carpooling.
  • Reduce your water consumption related to food consumption: eat less meat.
  • Change your habits step by steps to guarantee more success in your change ambitions.

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