Indie film review: Parallel (2017)

Heather meets Neil on a party organized by her colleague Anna. A twist of faith, or a set-up, nevertheless, they fall madly in love. When they accidentally meet Machlis, they find out how their parallel self leads a different life than their own. A view into the indie film Parallel.


The concept of Parallel is something that sticks. Imagine everyone has a parallel, the complete opposite of who you are. The deeper sense of the film is that everyone has a parallel side of himself in everyday life. It’s your conscience that decides what comes to the surface and what not. 

Building up to that cinematic orgasm, the film has a surprising climax. The film is categorized as an erotic thriller, but it’s mostly the parallel side that turns out to be a little kinky. Overall, keeping in mind that this is an indie film, and that budgets aren’t the same as the films you see starring in cinemas worldwide, this indie film comes out with a clear story, and a concept to think about. A good script can take you far, even as an indie film. 

Technical performance

While the camera footage is generally outstanding, and the video editing is world class, there are some technical errors to be found in the film. A scene where the music overpowers the narratives of the actors, but mistakes are there to be improved in the future. In 80% of the indie films that we see passing by, the quality of the film isn’t as good as in Parallel. Every indie film should have a margin of error for us the viewers to accept.

Parallel is providing a professional view on the film, bringing the best out of the scenes, different location setups and especially the editing, to make you glide through the film, as if you were watching a film on Saturday night at home on cable.  

Acting performance

Faye Sewell, who plays Heather in the film, and Brian Carter, playing the role of Machlis, the medium, are the two strongest actors in the film. 

Faye, a beautiful actress, comes over natural during her dialogs, and her bright blue eyes make you melt into your chair. She’s convincing in the roll she’s playing. The only awkward moment in the film, was the somewhat forced kiss with Neil, that didn’t come over that passionate, as the passionate couple they’re supposed to be. 

Brian has got his age as a benefit in his acting. His dialogs are sometimes a bit forced, but most of the time, he’s got a charm over him, making the medium more realistic with a human touch. The grainy voice gives storytelling capabilities, especially useful for guiding you into the Parallel side. 

Neil, played by David Magowan, who’s also the writer of the script, does a good job. Sometimes he comes over a bit nervously, but he’s definitely not guilty of overacting, which often happens to be the case, when it comes to indie films. Clean articulation, natural behavior, he’s the kind of man that could have made that kiss with Faye very passionate.  

Daniel Westwood, also known as Roy in the film, plays the bad boy in the Parallel side of the film. His articulation was not 100% and from times to times, he was difficult to understand. Perhaps it’s linked to his accent, but we wondered if the accent was even real, or acted. Nothing personal, of course, Daniel seems like a nice guy to work with, and he knows his role, he impersonates the character’s feelings and habits perfectly. 

Francesca Sgrò, the passionate, kinky woman on the parallel side, was nervous in the dialogs, closing her eyes, almost the whole time. But when it comes to passion, she’s definitely earned her stripes and offered some realistic passion and kissing. She’s the one that puts the erotic in this erotic thriller, addressing our imagination and fantasies, with a stunning body, clothes inclusive. 

Melissa Veszi, with the role of Anna, a professional. We definitely wanted her more active in the film, with a lot more dialogues to do. She’s an attractive actress, that we’ll be hearing more from in the future. She intrigues, and although she’s in the background of the film, she puts the light on the set.   


Parallel is a great indie film to watch with a good concept. Look besides the few errors we found in the film, and you’ll see there’s enough material to work on Parallel 2. The script is an original story, not massively blockbustered (yes, we’re launching this word!), but a genuine take on how every person has 2 sides, but one is often neglected.  

When passionate people work together, they can achieve anything, if they set their minds to it. 

And what about you? What does your Parallel look like? 

David Van den Broeck

David Van den Broeck is the co-founder of The Podcast Factory Org. During the day he works in Marketing, but at night, he makes sure you have interesting content to read and listen to.

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