Indie film review: Anti Matter (2017)

Ana (played by Yaizamarie Figueroa), an Oxford PhD student, stumbles upon the ability to create a wormhole, by accident. In the film, we follow her experiences, while she experiments the possibilities, together with 2 fellow colleagues, Nate and Liv, played by Tom Barber-Duffy and Philippa Carson.

We noticed this film, by pure coincidence, a bit like the creation of the wormhole in the film. Always been a fan of black holes, and thought we would give it a shot. Yaizamarie Figueroa acting gets you involved straight away, creating a connection with this beauty, and let’s be honest, she’s hot 🙂

Not hot like the chick from transformers, with dozens of layers of makeup and Photoshop. No, hot like “The girl next door” hot, making you forget about your surroundings and everything what’s going on in your life! She sweeps you off your feet, when you least expect it. That’s some great acting right there! Too bad she has a crush on her colleague Nate. You notice there’s a sexual tension between them, so it’s no surprise when she asks him to help in the experiment. But when they need more power to generate the black hole, a second woman, Liv, joins the party.

At first, we thought it would end up, in rivalry, between the two women, fighting over the same guy. You know, the films you see on a day to day bases on television. But that’s how this film works: it puts you on the wrong foot every time!

The bigger the experiment gets, the bigger the crowd in front of the university, protesting tests on animals. But who are they? How did they come to know about the experiment? And besides the caterpillar and the cat, there weren’t even animal tests!

The story creates different paths, different explanations, without even pushing us into a specific direction… So the further you get into the movie, the more you are absorbed into the black hole. The plot is absolutely genius, and completely unexpected. This film bypasses the blockbuster stamp, but we sure would like to see it play in cinemas all over Europe!

We were literally cheering for Ana, and screaming out: “tell her what the f*ck happened to her, you cheating bastard!” The role these 3 actors play together, just amazing! The more we created feelings of sympathy for Ana, the more our resentment towards Liv grew while Nate kept the two balanced, in between.

Keir Burrows did an amazing job, writing and directing this film. We definitely need more stories like this, so really looking forward to what Keir pulls out his sleeve in the future. And if we may suggest, definitely think of Yaizamarie Figueroa to play in your next film.

David Van den Broeck

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