Intrapreneurship – hrmeetup event !


Intrapreneurship : Did you miss our event on February 15 about Intrapreneurship ?

Intrapreneurship event : we thought of you, we offer now two podcasts recorded during the evening. The first one with the introduction of Estelle, the explanations of Michel about our website and the intervention of our facilitator : Anis Bedda.

In the next one you’ll find the conclusions of the created teams.

Good listening and thx to all who participated!

For a more complete experience we strongly recommend you to join us at our next evenings!

Presentation used by Anis Bedda :

Presentation of Anis Bedda

The content of the podcasts :

– Podcast with Estelle, Michel and Anis :

  • 00’12 Min. : Welcome and introduction – Estelle
  • 01’47 Min. : Explanation “how to” – Michel
  • 02’21 Min. : Next events of Hrmeetup: topics of the year – Estelle
  • 03’34 Min. : Intrapreneurship : topic of the evening – Anis
  • 27’00 Min. : Creation of the teams and subjects to discuss – Estelle

– Podcast with Alice, Frédéric, Pierre-Yves & Eric :

  • 00’12 Min. : Launch feedback of the teams – Estelle
  • 00’27 Min. : First team – Alice
  • 03’55 Min. : Second team – Frédéric
  • 07’48 Min. : Third team – Pierre-Yves
  • 11’21 Min. : Remarks – Eric
  • 13’04 Min. : Contest and closure – Estelle, Anis, Michel

Linkedin Profiles and the link to the website :

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