Ed Asner | Changes in show business with disruption of Netflix, Amazon and Youtube

Ed Asner

I had an interview with 88 year old Ed Asner while he was touring the States for his one man show “A man and his prostate”. Ed is an American actor who won several Emmys and the Lifetime Achievement Award for his amazing career. The older generation might know him as Lou Grant (Mary Tyler Moore Show), younger generation by the voice-over he did for the movie “Up!”.

There’s a lot of “Here today, gone tomorrow” in show business right now.

Ed Asner

We talk about his career and how show business has changed for the worst, with an exponential growth in venues, actors and new disruptive players as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon.

Ed is an amazing guy and I had the honor of having an open, intimate view into his life. He’s an inspiration to us all.


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