Chelsea, Punk rock band | From rehearsal to launching album

“There is not many live bands playing any more really, to be honest”. Last march, the legendary 77 Punk Rock band Chelsea enchanted the public of the Excelsior in Brussels for their unique Belgian date of the “2014 Bulldog Breed Tour”.

Fans from the very beginning as youngest ones wouldn’t have missed it for anything. What’s your Story met Gene October (lead vocals) and James Stevenson (guitar) after an explosive set.

These guys, who took part in the birth of Punk Rock in London, express themselves, without beating around the bush, about the past, the present and the future of Rock music. Chelsea is now rehearsing for new album. James Stevenson’s album “Everything’s Getting Closer To Being Over” is now available.

Chelsea are : Gene October, Nic Austin, James Stevenson, Mat Sargent, Lee Morrell.

David Van den Broeck

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