Author: Caroline Gasia

Woobe - Guy-Louis de le Vingne 0

Woobe – Guy-Louis de le Vingne

Woobe : Rediscovering your colleagues. Guy-Louis de le Vingne Managing partner at Woobe comes at our micro to explain his professional journey towards his latest project at Woobe. Woobe brings back human contacts in...

Philippe Rosinski 0

Philippe Rosinski – Rosinski & Company

Philippe Rosinski : The global leadership development approach Philippe Rosinski is a world authority in executive coaching, team coaching, and global leadership development. He is the first European to have been designated Master Certified...

Essam Hassan 0

Essam Hassan – Benefita

Essam Hassan, provide your stress level in only one click On our mic in this podcast, Essam Hassan who is working on an HR app aimed at helping an HR department to better communicate...

Nicolas Jonathan Beger 0

Dr Nicolas Jonathan Beger – Q3T

Nicolas Jonathan Beger : What neuroscience and quantum physics have to do with stress and performance ? Transform your(self) leadership : in this episode we have Dr. Nicolas Jonathan Beger, an executive coach, trainer,...

Jamstorming 0

Jamstorming – David Verbustel

David Verbustel : Jamstorming, the app that conquered the world of surveys. At the mic, David Verbustel presents the app Jamstorming. David explains us the origin of a crazy idea born between two passionate...

Caroline Gasia 0

Caroline Gasia – Hrmeetup Presentation

Caroline Gasia – hrmeetup © – Presentation : At the micro, Caroline Gasia, who joined our project. In this podcast she presents to you hrmeetup via an interview for “The Collective Podcast”. A 3...