Anna Sigurdsson – Feedback hrmeetup evening

Anna Sigurdsson

Anna Sigurdsson: Feedback about the HRmeetup evening

During each hrmeetup evening we record regularly some interviews where our guests explain why they have joined us. The 23 June 2014, on our mic, Anna Sigurdsson provides feedback about her evening … Main Topic : “Competency and Talent Assessment”.

Anna is CEO and owner of Priority Management Brussels, part of an international training company with HQ in Vancouver, Canada. They are specialized in helping companies, teams and individuals gain control of their workload, create results and a “Better Way to Work”. Anna’s passion is “sharing best practices”.

We hope this interview will motivate many HR professionals for them to join our upcoming events.

Links for Anna Sigurdsson :

Description of our event :

“How do you assess competencies & talent in your companies?

When you meet a candidate, how do you know he/she is really good? Competent? Talented?

With personality & reasoning tests? Very expensive assessment centers? Reference checks? 360° ?

Let’s talk about this on June 23d starting 6.30pm at the Cook&Book.

We will have the pleasure to welcome Nikola Trbovic, Associate Director R&D at Hudson, as co-facilitator.

Hope to meet up with you there! “

Specialties of Nikola Trbovic :

Advice and consultancy on talent assessment product design and deployment, psychometric assessment, team development, training and facilitation, people analytics, human capital measurement, project management and evaluation.

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