Niels Delestinne & Reinout Van Bets – Switchfully

War for Talent? Peanuts for Switchfully ! In this podcast we have Reinout van Bets and Niels Delestine from Switchfully at our mic. Switchfully U say? Well, they approach the War for Talent in a different way. They aim to strengthen your IT department with motivated and loyal internal software developers. In order to do so, they look out for candidates without professional IT experience and train them bootcamp style into professional software developers.

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Michel Godart

Passionate about technology, human, feminist and eco-responsible, Michel Godart aims to make information as accessible as possible. In all his podcast projects, he wants to inspire by the examples that his guests bring to the microphone. The podcast is for Michel a guarantee of democracy: it is a media produced BY the citizen FOR the citizen !

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