Lenka Grackova – Power4Action Academy

Lenka Grackova

Lenka Grackova – Power4Action Academy

Every year, we take a well-deserved rest in July-August, but in special cases, we happen to record a podcast and publish it … This is what we did on Monday with Lenka Grackova to inform you as soon as possible about events that will occur three times in the coming months: the first two days will happen late August in Liege, then in October in Namur, and again in Liege in December.

Power4Action Academy offers eight 3-hour workshops and 2 conferences for all those who wish to take practical actions and evolve in today’s changing world.

Do you want to know more? Listen to this podcast and do not wait with registration, places are limited!

The other trainers mentioned: Dominique Lemal, Charles-Henri Gaukema, Eleonore Snyers and Ruth Friedman.

Who is Lenka ? Listen to her first speech on 08/12/2016 in this podcast below :

Our interview with Ruth Friedman, listen to her first speech of 20/04/2017 in this podcast below :

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