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Caroline Gasia 0

Caroline Gasia – Hrmeetup Presentation

Caroline Gasia – hrmeetup © – Presentation : At the micro, Caroline Gasia, who joined our project. In this podcast she presents to you hrmeetup via an interview for “The Collective Podcast”. A 3...

Anita Sheehan 0

Anita Sheehan – Feedback hrmeetup event

A feedback with Anita Sheehan: We have already proposed some interviews where our guests explained why they joined us. Now, its Anita Sheehan who gives her feedback about the evening afterwards, main subject: Talents...

David Van den Broeck

David Van den Broeck, co-founder

David Van den Broeck is passionate about marketing and all Social Media. As a very ambitious person, he’d like to change the world and leave his legacy.  David started working for Touring in 2007....

About us

About us

Le Podcast HighTech (2009) It all started in 2009 with the Podcast “Le Podcast Hightech”. Michel Godart and David Van den Broeck met each other during this project. Around november – december 2011 it...

Dot Zacharias 0

Dot Zacharias – Co-founder of Sleepability

At our micro Dot Zacharias,  Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, Yoga Nidra Teacher and above all Co-founder of Sleepability. Dot Zacharias is here to explain her personal and professional transformation. She evolved from someone who...

HR Run 0

HR Run Event – Charlotte François

Charlotte François introduces the « HR Run » : run, fun, walking dinner and networking, all for HR’s! In front of the mic, Charlotte François, Sales executive for Map Relocations, answering our questions concerning...