Wednesday, July 17, 2019
DHL Moonbox

In 1969 the first man set foot on the moon. Starting from 2019, DHL will be able to give him a new pair of shoes!

Yes, that's right! Just in case Space Tourism becomes a real Thing, DHL will be able to deliver packages on the moon. And it only costs 1.000.000€ per kilo. 




The Moonbox is an ambitious project from DHL in cooperation with the American Space company Astrobotic. If in the future, there will be a manned station on the moon, people will be able to send a personal memory to the moon. I wouldn't have the budget to send myself (perhaps if I lose some weight with some tips of the #fitgirlcode), but there are already dozens of people, that signed up for the Moonbox.


So get your Zalando shoes out of the box and start sending them to that bright spot in the sky! 



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