Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Electronic Play Dough

Who doesn’t remember playing with Play Dough when he was younger? Discover the future of Play Dough with Play Dough Universe! 

Who has no memory of playing with Play Dough at all, must have eaten too much of it. The colorful clay was all around our house, making ice-creams and pies. Some even used it for architectural purposes … or just to make poo. 

Whatever was your thrill, Tech Will Save Us is now raising a Kickstarter Campaign to present to you the future of Play Dough. Electronic Play Dough. 

After a Digital Monopoly, an electronic Play Dough. Is this what our kids will interest instead of sticking to the digital screen with their mobiles, tablets, pc’s, gaming stations, Playstations, VR glasses, etc … 

I’ll have an ice-cream that can charge my phone batterij please? 





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